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Rosalynn Win Haute Couture

Rosalynn Win is a name you need to know if you’re looking for that perfect bridal gown and artisan accessories. Veils, belts, silk garters and even Christening gowns…. You’re bound to be enchanted just as I was when I recently spent time with the lovely Sydney designer.


Gowns by Rosalynn Win and photography by Natasha Foster exclusively for this post.

With a background in fashion design and theatre costume, Rosalynn launched her couture wedding label in 2009 with the opening of her boutique in Paddington.  During that time her gowns were featured in countless magazines and on the red carpet and she gained recognition as a talented designer when she was awarded the Couture Designer of the Year by WEOA.


A selection of Rosalynn Win’s impressive press portfolio.

She spent six years in her Paddington boutique before deciding to add an extra dimension to her business and expand to include an online boutique.


Rosalynn Win as photographed by Natasha Foster.

 “I found that there is a gap in the market for beautiful veils, belts and silk garters that are of high quality and are able to be passed on for generations or to be kept as one-of-a-kind mementos.”

She has now expanded into these very things.


Image on the left photographed by Natasha Foster featuring a Rosalynn Win design. Top right- the “Nouveau” belt.  Bottom right- the “Blossom” garter.

Spending time with the designer, I learnt that a Rosalynn Win veil is made from the softest tulles with just the right amount of gathering and sheerness. For brides who prefer embellishment, there is a gorgeous selection of fine lace trims to fuller French lace scalloping or unique hand-beaded patterns to choose from. All veils are attached to strong metal combs that can be moulded to suit all hair types and styles.

It’s not fancy photography in this next image, it’s one of Rosalynn’s veils flying in the background.


Hair, Make-Up & Nails by me, “Esmerelda” gown & “Riviera” veil by Rosalynn Win, Jewellery by Tesasarella House, Photographed by Natasha Foster featuring Kristine from AVA Model Management.


Hair, Make-Up & Nails by me, “Esmerelda” gown & “Riviera” veil by Rosalynn Win, Jewellery by Tesasarella House, Photographed by Natasha Foster featuring Kristine from AVA Model Management.


Hair, Make-Up & Nails by me, “Esmerelda” gown & “Riviera” veil by Rosalynn Win, Jewellery by Tesasarella House, Photographed by Natasha Foster featuring Kristine from AVA Model Management.

In recent times belts have become a much sought after accessory to compliment bridal gowns. A great way to accentuate curves or add that finishing touch, Rosalynn Win belts have been exclusively designed from initial pattern to beading details using the finest of Swarovski crystal which means that many of her belts are one-off creations.


Hair, Make-Up & Nails by me, “Sorrento” gown & Veil by Rosalynn Win, Jewellery by Tesasarella House, Photographed by Natasha Foster featuring Kristine from AVA Model Management.

For the bride looking for a quality and personalised silk garter, look no further. With the option of having your name and wedding date embroidered onto the garter, it makes for a wonderful keepsake. Embroidering options come in soft silver, gold or even powder blue for that perfect and discrete something blue. Brides also have the option to have a sample of their wedding gown lace hand sewn and embellished as a feature on the garter too.


Behind the scenes when I shot with Rosalynn Win, Natasha Foster and Kristine.


Kristine is photographed here in the “Montreux” gown with jewellery by Tessarella House.  For the make-up, I emphasised glowing skin and added a glossy winged liner against an almost nude eye. Hair was softly curled and worn loose.

Rosalynn has kindly invited my readers to her spring sample sale of her exclusive bridal couture collections. Future brides can enjoy 50% off these handmade, high-end bridal couture gowns in pure silk and European laces. There is also a selection of bridesmaid dresses and evening couture as worn by The Veronicas.  You might just find the perfect gown for your wedding, bridesmaid or Christmas party.  Thanks Rosalynn!


Click on the image and save a copy of this invitation!

You can follow Rosalynn Win Haute Couture on Instagram and Facebook as well as shop her range of bridal accessories online.  Email enquiries can be directed to


Next year holds many more exciting ventures for this talented designer. Let this be a teaser for now!

If you enjoyed the images we created for this post, you might like to see my other bridal editorial work by clicking here.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about the world of Rosalynn Win Haute Couture as I did.  Please let me know if you have you have any questions about the hair and make-up or if you have any direct questions for Rosalynn herself.


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Shooting Beauty

An artist never stops growing, improving, learning and experimenting.  I am constantly pushing myself to develop my craft and technique because challenges are what keep you driving forward.  Putting words into action, I recently shot with photographer Patrick Mackey to create a series of beauty images.  The purpose of the shoot was to try new techniques in a setting where only your creativity was the limit.

Our model was the lovely Cristina from London Model Management and together this is what we created…


The first look was soft and natural. Well defined brows and neutral tones on the lips and eyes.

I focused on keeping the skin looking fresh and added a softly bronzed contour to bring dimension to Cristina’s face.  I blowdried Cristina’s hair using my H2d hairdryer and ran the irons over it for a sleek slightly ’90s look.  Nails were painted my favourite nude shade by L’Oreal “Rose Paradise“.


In black and white this translates to:

Reminds me of a Calvin Klein ad!

Reminds me of a Calvin Klein ad!

The next look I created featured a white graphic liner design.  Graphic liner is one of my favourite things to play around with on editorial shoots and what better time to practice than on a beauty shoot where precision and symmetry is everything.


Great pose and lighting set up makes for a strong shot!

I also like the graphic liner I did for this editorial which featured in Cellophane Magazine earlier this year.


Model Woan Ni is one of my favourites and it’s always a pleasure shooting with her. Thank you for letting me get graphic on your face Woanster!

Then for something totally different, I decided to use some gold leaf for the final look.


The finale! In order to bring balance to this shot, I added stronger metallic gold eyeshadow along with liquid liner, a few false lashes and a glossy berry lip.

Working with gold leaf is never an easy process.  It is extremely time consuming and precision is a must along with a lot of patience and a sense of humour.  However when you get it right, the end result is always worth it.

These shots are now in my portfolio and serve as a reminder to never stop challenging myself and most importantly, to enjoy the ride along the way.  Shooting beauty with a fun team is a great way to do both.

You can view more of my beauty work here and read up on other editorials I’ve worked on here and here.

Hope you enjoyed this post.  As always, feel free to leave any comments or questions below!


© 2015 Sonia Allen Make Up.  Do not copy, reprint or republish content and/or photos without author’s written permission.
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Overseas Make-Up Adventures

I recently went overseas for five glorious weeks and in between all the holidaying in…










…and Hong Kong….


I of course managed to sneak in some make-up shopping and exploration.

In London I visited all my favourite places.

Charles Fox


Charles Fox- great for all things Kryolan and special effects. While here I topped up on some eyeliner brushes I’ve not been able to find here in Sydney.

And bumped into this gorgeous one!


Claire and I used to work together back in the day and started our careers at roughly the same time. I just happened to bump into her as she was on her way to Paris Fashion Week and also stopping by Charles Fox for kit supplies.

Guru Make Up Emporium


Guru Make Up Emporium- amazing for set bags, Make Up Forever and things you didn’t know your kit needed. I helped my friend pick out her wedding foundation from Make Up Forever and treated myself to some kit staples.


Guru Make Up Emporium- One of my all time favourite places to shop for my kit!



Space NK- for all things skin, hair, body, make up and wellness. I didn’t buy anything here but did enjoy seeing old favourites like Caudalie that you can’t get in Australia as well as discovering new brands that have launched since I was last there.


Space NK- This was the Kensington Church Street store but I also visited the boutiques in Covent Garden and my old stomping ground, Duke of York Square in Chelsea.

I didn’t quite make it to Screenface but I did get to Selfridges where many many hours were spent in my happy place, the holy land that is Selfridges Beauty Hall.

And then in Hong Kong my highlights included the vibe of this Nars boutique in Pacific Place.


How awesome are the latest visuals!?


Love the contemporary feel in this boutique.

And re-discovering Sasa, which is Hong Kong’s answer to Boots and Priceline.


Sasa- so many niche brands, so many levels and sooooo many products.

These were my standout Sasa brands.


Kate Tokyo and the Sasa home brand of tools.


Pupa Milano and Media

Near Times Square I also enjoyed visiting boutiques for Dior


Make Up Forever


And Shu Uemura


So there you have it. When you’re a make-up artist, you really can combine work with leisure and travels.  The key is to barely pack anything in the first place so there is never an excuse not to indulge while on holidays!

If you have any questions about the brands mentioned or stores visited, please leave them below and I will get back to you. Have you tried any of these brands or visited any of these places before?

Hope you enjoyed this post. It sure was fun looking back through all the travel photos. Might just be planning another trip for next year!


© 2015 Sonia Allen Make Up.  Do not copy, reprint or republish content and/or photos without author’s written permission.
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I Showered With Santa’s Belly

Yep I did.  I showered with Santa’s Belly and it was great.  It was slippery and fun and just a little bit silly and I loved every minute of it.  I am of course referring to Lush’s latest invention to get us through the Christmas season, their shower jelly appropriately named “Santa’s Belly“.


Santa’s Belly is a shower jelly inspired by mulled wine and filled with star anise infusion, fresh apple juice, red wine and a crisp apple fragrance.

Turns out I’m better at hanging onto this jelly in the shower than Mr Allen, who dropped it five times when I gave it to him to try compared to my one dignified shower slip.  He said it is because I have smaller hands and can therefore grip the jelly better, but I am sure it is because I am a better athlete.

It really surprised me how something so small and novel managed to brighten my mood every time I used it.  The endless jokes about how I was off to shower with Santa (a bit wrong now when I think about it!), singing “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” while using the jelly, the laughs every time I dropped or almost dropped it, the pleasant fragrance that filled my bathroom along with how soft my skin felt after showering- made this jelly so delightful to use.  Bringing joy back to showering is my mission for the coming months as we descend into Silly Season.


So ’90s I couldn’t help myself!

A little while ago I was invited to preview what Christmas at Lush is going to look like.


There were acrobats…


Tables abound with wonders to try…


And demonstrations too (that’s Santa’s Belly in her hands!)…

The other shower jelly which took my fancy was the Batman inspired “Nightwing“.  I know a certain four-year-old-Batman-obsessed nephew of mine who will be getting one of these for Christmas!


“Nightwing” shower jelly is made with fresh lime juice, aloe vera and carob syrup. It is also fragranced with distilled lime for Silly Season induced “headaches”.

A sucker for all things cinnamon, I also liked the “Cinders Bath Ballistic” bath bomb with it’s popping candy and sea salt exfoliation.  Smooth skin here I come!


The “Cinders” bath bomb is made with cinnamon leaf oil and scented like hot fruit punch.  It contains popping candy and sea salt for a good ol’ scrubbin!

Like a Hennessy Cocktail, the “Celebrate” body lotion has the most intoxicating scent of citrus and cognac and leaves skin feeling sumptuous, not greasy.


Celebrate Body Lotion is predominantly citrus scented (limes & oranges) with splashes of cognac, while cocoa butter and almond oil will give skin the best sheen this festive season.

And last but by no means least, the festively coloured “Santa Baby Lip Tint” with its cherry flavour is hard to go past!  It also doubles up as a beautiful creme cheek colour if buffed in lightly with a brush or dabbed onto the skin and blended with fingers.


Shea butter, carrot oil and cinnamon do the nourishing in the cherry flavoured Santa Baby Lip Tint.

And that’s my roundup from the Lush Bizarre Christmas Collection Showcase!


Off to shower with Santa’s Belly

For other product reviews, you might like to read:

Hunterlab- an Aussie skincare brand for the modern Australian Hunter

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Indeed Laboratories (indeed good skincare!)

The Laura Mercier make-up range

Please leave me any messages or comments if you’d like to know more about the Lush products mentioned here.  Definitely let me know if you also plan to shower with Santa’s Belly!


© 2015 Sonia Allen Make Up.  Do not copy, reprint or republish content and/or photos without author’s written permission.
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