I Showered With Santa’s Belly

Yep I did.  I showered with Santa’s Belly and it was great.  It was slippery and fun and just a little bit silly and I loved every minute of it.  I am of course referring to Lush’s latest invention to get us through the Christmas season, their shower jelly appropriately named “Santa’s Belly“.


Santa’s Belly is a shower jelly inspired by mulled wine and filled with star anise infusion, fresh apple juice, red wine and a crisp apple fragrance.

Turns out I’m better at hanging onto this jelly in the shower than Mr Allen, who dropped it five times when I gave it to him to try compared to my one dignified shower slip.  He said it is because I have smaller hands and can therefore grip the jelly better, but I am sure it is because I am a better athlete.

It really surprised me how something so small and novel managed to brighten my mood every time I used it.  The endless jokes about how I was off to shower with Santa (a bit wrong now when I think about it!), singing “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” while using the jelly, the laughs every time I dropped or almost dropped it, the pleasant fragrance that filled my bathroom along with how soft my skin felt after showering- made this jelly so delightful to use.  Bringing joy back to showering is my mission for the coming months as we descend into Silly Season.


So ’90s I couldn’t help myself!

A little while ago I was invited to preview what Christmas at Lush is going to look like.


There were acrobats…


Tables abound with wonders to try…


And demonstrations too (that’s Santa’s Belly in her hands!)…

The other shower jelly which took my fancy was the Batman inspired “Nightwing“.  I know a certain four-year-old-Batman-obsessed nephew of mine who will be getting one of these for Christmas!


“Nightwing” shower jelly is made with fresh lime juice, aloe vera and carob syrup. It is also fragranced with distilled lime for Silly Season induced “headaches”.

A sucker for all things cinnamon, I also liked the “Cinders Bath Ballistic” bath bomb with it’s popping candy and sea salt exfoliation.  Smooth skin here I come!


The “Cinders” bath bomb is made with cinnamon leaf oil and scented like hot fruit punch.  It contains popping candy and sea salt for a good ol’ scrubbin!

Like a Hennessy Cocktail, the “Celebrate” body lotion has the most intoxicating scent of citrus and cognac and leaves skin feeling sumptuous, not greasy.


Celebrate Body Lotion is predominantly citrus scented (limes & oranges) with splashes of cognac, while cocoa butter and almond oil will give skin the best sheen this festive season.

And last but by no means least, the festively coloured “Santa Baby Lip Tint” with its cherry flavour is hard to go past!  It also doubles up as a beautiful creme cheek colour if buffed in lightly with a brush or dabbed onto the skin and blended with fingers.


Shea butter, carrot oil and cinnamon do the nourishing in the cherry flavoured Santa Baby Lip Tint.

And that’s my roundup from the Lush Bizarre Christmas Collection Showcase!


Off to shower with Santa’s Belly

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Please leave me any messages or comments if you’d like to know more about the Lush products mentioned here.  Definitely let me know if you also plan to shower with Santa’s Belly!


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