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Friendship for Life

Certain things, moments and people in life have the ability to cheer us up, give us a sense of belonging and sometimes even bring out inner strength we didn’t know we had. Last weekend I flew home to Adelaide for some much needed down time. One night out with my beautiful friends and I left feeling I could conquer the world!

With over 17 years of friendship between us, one evening was all it took to laugh, cry, laugh some more and catch up on where we are in life. Adelaide’s new rooftop bar 2KW provided a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy some South Australian wine, food and a magnificent sunset over that striking view.


Image courtesy of 2kw.com.au



2kw rooftop

Image courtesy of 2kw.com.au










It wasn’t until I got on the plane the day after (looking after a much worse-for-wear Mr Allen!) that I realised my friends are a really strong group of accomplished, remarkable women.  Ladies you inspire me.  We may live in different cities, work completely different jobs and face different hardships and successes throughout our journeys, but we will always understand one another.  We will always support one another and we will always laugh together.

17 years of friendship.

17 years of friendship- from all across the globe for one weekend, we were all at the same place at the same time.

When I try to articulate what it is that I love best about spending time with my childhood friends I can’t quite put my finger on it. It is because we’ve shared each other’s milestones since we were 13? First boyfriends (hours of brutal conversation to be had here!), 18ths, 21sts, weddings and now babies. Is it because we know each other’s histories like only a friendship developed over the years can? Is it because we get away with saying things to each other that nobody else would (ie- “please call your baby Kanye!, “don’t touch my Lemon & Black Pepper Chips!”)? The affectionate payouts?  Is it the laughs? The hugs? The pure honesty? Is it knowing they want nothing but the best for you? Or the pride that wells up when you hear the struggles they have powered through and successes triumphed?…

Sonia Party 5






Sonia's Friends cropped

Sonia Party 6






It is probably all of the above.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful night.  Can’t wait to do it all again next trip.


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