The Bridal Series Sydney: JENNIFER REGAN

This week’s designer for The Bridal Series Sydney is Newtown’s Jennifer Regan.


And was shot by Natasha Foster and Angela Rose Photography.

Newtown local Jennifer Regan is known for a very particular style of gown. If you like simple design, clean lines and a feminine silhouette- Jennifer Regan is the designer for you.

With over three decades in the fashion and bridal industry, Jennifer’s celebrity clientele and beautiful brides are testament to the designer’s unique approach to design and creation.

As I sat in her peaceful and intimate Newtown boutique, I literally could not stop admiring her gowns and my appreciation only grew as I learned all about her intricate design process.

Get to know Jennifer Regan…


Photography by Angela Rose and makeup by me for wedding gown designer Jennifer Regan.

Where do you get inspiration for your new collections?

I love the woman’s silhouette and so I am always thinking about how to make a woman look beautiful and feminine. My head is always full of ideas which may come from fabrics, nature, a mood… anywhere really!

What is your favourite part of your job?

Working with clients and designing for new collections.

Describe the ambience in your boutique.

Calm, relaxing and personalised. We’re very caring and nurturing, providing support and reassurance to brides while they’re planning their weddings. Lots of clients will often say to me, ‘Jen it feels like I’m the only bride you work with’ and to me that’s really beautiful.

Who is your favourite style icon and why?

The women of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s because they were very elegant in that time. Come the late 1920s, women got rid of all the corsetry for the very last time and embraced their natural shape. That’s what I really love from that era onwards because they’re what I’m about- making a woman look and feel like a woman.


How long does a Jennifer Regan gown take to make and what does the design process involve?

The process definitely starts with the idea. Then I decide which fabric it will be in, I create the patterns (even though I am the designer, I draw all my own patterns!), toile is made, patterns will be adjusted and so on.

This process to get the very first design ready is often six times repeated because I like to get everything perfect.

I work with a real model when working with the toiles and that is a real point of difference. Two hours every Friday I spend working with a model who is picked to have feminine dimensions.

I take photos during the fittings with the model so that I can go back and look at it. When you’re in the moment, it’s hard to be judgemental of all design elements but when I look at a photo, I can see the overall picture and what needs to be adjusted.

 It’s approximately 80hours minimum for each gown.




Unable to contain my excitement to shoot the gowns with our model Milena and photographer Natasha Foster…


Love LOVE this gown!

This is what we created…

Some highlights:


Milena wears the “Uma” gown from the “Dusk till Dawn” collection.


Milena wears the “Brigitte” gown from the “Dusk till Dawn” collection and Hollywood Navette earrings (available from the boutique).


Milena wears the “Jacyln” gown from the ready-to-wear collection.


Milena wears the “Jerry” gown from the “Dusk till Dawn” collection with the “Madonna” French lace veil and Nicole Winkler earrings (available from the boutique).

For a description of how I styled the hair and makeup as well as an insider’s look at which Indeed Labs, Make Up Forever, Ardell and Label M products I used, click here.

And now for two minutes of fun with Jennifer Regan…

Where did you catch your first airplane to?

It was a joy flight with my parents when I was young.  Something weird like Bankstown airport to Mascot! 

What’s your current desktop picture background?

It is an image from the Cerrone jewellery campaign where they borrowed one of my gowns.  It’s a really beautiful shot and I love it.

What is your favourite thing about living in Newtown?

There’s never a dull moment!

You can follow Jennifer Regan on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest as well as visit her website for more information.  The boutique is located on 412 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042.

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your space and beautiful designs with me and for taking part in The Bridal Series Sydney.  You’ve given me one more thing to love about Newtown!


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