Threading isn’t just for your gran

My time in London taught me many great life lessons. Never go anywhere without an umbrella. Nandos is an acceptable place to dine out with friends. Avoid football supporters. Pants means underwear. Have strong brow game, get threaded.

What is strong brow game? Let’s start with what it is not. Strong brow game is not having brows that look like they are tadpoles, sperm or sponsored by Nike. It is not having brows that resemble straight arrows or make you look as if you are permanently surprised. Christmas only comes once a year. If you are still unsure, Google “bad eyebrows”, grab your best friend, some popcorn and enjoy. I mean learn.

Strong brow game is when you walk into a room and instead of people commenting on your bag or shoes or new top, the focus is straight on the brows. I don’t mean to brag but this actually does happen when one has strong brow game. So what do you expect to see? Strong brow game is when brows have been shaped PROPERLY meaning they start where they are meant to, arch where they are meant to and finish where they are meant to according to YOUR features and not some one-size-fits-all stencil. They aren’t patchy, there are no strays and the length of hair is under control. There is of course no monobrow.

Unless you’re Frida Kahlo, ain’t nobody look good with a monobrow.

So how did I develop my brow game? I turned to threading and was a loyal customer for five years. I put my trust in the ladies at Blink Brow Bar in Peter Jones and they never did me wrong. With the exception of tweezing the odd stray, I now only need to see someone for threading twice a year while my brows maintain their shape in between like a Royal Guard.

What exactly is threading and how does it work?

  • Awesome hair removal technique
  • Originated in India 6000 years ago then spread to the Middle East (Egypt and Iran)
  • Became popular in Europe and now Australia

When you “get threaded”, one end of a cotton thread is held in the mouth of the brow artist and the other end looped around individual hair shafts which are then pulled out. Hair removal straight from the follicle = longer to grow back = happiness.

Threading in action. So simple, so fast.

Threading can remove short lines of hair where the humble tweezer can only remove individual hairs at a time. More hairs = faster = more happiness.

If eyebrow threading were to take on eyebrow waxing in a boxing match, threading would always come out on top with no match fixing required. Threading provides more precise control when eyebrow shaping (vital for strong brow game) and is gentler on skin. No more wax burns or skin tears or excessive redness. Over time there will also be less hair growth with threading than with waxing.

I’ve chilled the drinks and my money is on threading.

Is threading painful? I won’t lie, yes, it does at first. But the more you get it done the less it hurts over time. Six years later I don’t feel a thing. And my brow game is strong.

If you would like to try threading for the first time or are looking for somewhere to go, I strongly recommend “Get Threaded®” in the Metcentre (Shop G18, 273 George St, Sydney 2000). They hold the copyright to the world’s first certified and internationally accredited training program and all artists use antibacterial threading cotton.

Hot tip- ask for Muskan, she is fun and talented.

If you’ve tried threading, how did you find it (and would you go back to waxing)? Where else do the people of Sydney like to get threaded?  How is YOUR brow game?


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