You know you’re a make-up artist when…

You’re up at 5am blowdrying brushes that didn’t get a chance to dry overnight before your next job that day.

Dry my pretties.  Dry!

Dry my pretties. Dry!

All your clothes have a make up stain on them somewhere.

And so does your carpet. The bloody unforgiving carpet. I am slowly running out of strategically placed rugs in my place and hope Mr Allen never reads this post.

Guilty dog

I know the feeing buddy.

You feel like your motto should be “heave ho heave ho” from lugging all that kit around.

You notice the beauty in everyone.

Especially when working with brides on their wedding day.   Happy people are beautiful people.

Especially when working with brides on their wedding day. Happy people are beautiful people.

Make up shopping is part of the job and feels like Christmas (sometimes every week!).

MU Shopping

No shortage of these bags at my place.

You work with fun people. All the time!  Musicians, singers, actors, dancers, models, photographers, stylists…. And realise the world is full of talent.

Charles' Dickens House

With Benjamin Von Wong, one of my favourite photographers of all time.

You love what you do so much you never really feel like you work. Except when you have to heave ho.

You have impressive upper body strength.

You double up as a photography assistant and have mastered the art of holding the reflector.

Sonia with the relfector

Can’t fake that enthusiasm

You get to see the best parts of the city in which you live and find out about its hidden gems.

Whether it is rooftops in London...

Whether it is rooftops in London…

Or cliff faces along beautiful beaches...

Or cliff faces along beautiful beaches…

Or a 500 year old house where Charles Dickens used to write...

Or a 500 year old house where Charles Dickens used to write…




Or aboard this UK Navy ship...

Or aboard this UK Navy ship…




Dream Work Locations

Or this party house where INXS used to record…

A good shoot gives you the best high.

You are never completely “happy” with your work and it can always be better.

You find lash glue in your hair at random times.

You have a room in your house dedicated to your kit.

You have a hard time convincing insurance companies that yes, your kit IS worth that much.

The only time you take selfies is when you are delirious on set and want to document how very un-fashion you are.  They never get posted anywhere until you have to update your blog and forget you promised never to let the selfie see the light of day.

So fly.

So fly with Josh, my partner in crime.

Your make up brushes are one of your most valuable and personal possessions. No airport security you may not touch my brushes, I will get them out for you. True story.

I now know how to say "don't touch" in four languages!

I now know how to say “don’t touch” in four languages!

You can look past judgmental people’s judgment of what you do because you know that unlike them, you love what you do, you wouldn’t want to do anything else and you are happy.

You are your own boss. Epic win. For so many reasons.

You walk into IMATS and never want to leave. This truly is your happy place.

Sonia at IMATS

IMATS = International Make Up Artists Trade Show but in my speak IMATS = immabouttolosemymind!!!

You notice everyone’s eyebrows.  More on this here.

You work with so many pretty things!!






Shoes & bling

Shoes & bling…  See where I’m going with this!?

You work 80hours a week to avoid working 40hours every week.

You never get sick of hearing “so what’s your favourite product?” because it changes every week.

You play Blendoku instead of Sudoku.

Blendoku.  All about colour theory.

Blendoku. All about colour theory.

There are many highs and lows to being a full time professional make up artist. It’s not always glitz and glam and the uncertainty can be hard at times. For me, I keep chipping away because at the end of the day I know that I am living my dream. And it drives me everyday.

Sonia Allen at Work

What do you love most about your job?  If you’re not already doing it, what would your dream job be?


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